Kitchen Linens

By Marshall CallahanWith Home

Hey guys so I m just here putting away our kitchen linens and as I was folding and putting things back in the drawer it. Occurred to me that a lot of you have asked whether or not I ve implemented the Comrie folding technique for our kitchen linens and the answer is yes now. I should have shared this drawer and the way that things look way back when I filmed our kitchen non-food related storage since organizing it which I. Guess wasn t that long ago just about a month now and I just kind of skipped out put over the drawer without really thinking about it so I m kind of backing.

It up a bit because I want to show you how much of a difference it makes when you use a folding technique for items that tend to be a little bit bulkier. Especially like the hand towels it does make a big difference because prior to I was only ever able to store about half of what I can now so I m going to show. You the drawer and then I ll give you a very basic tutorial I m one-handed because I don t have my tripod up here how I follow both the washcloth as well. As the drying towel so we ll jump in and I ll show you the drawer linen drawer it s south is just beside our stove which is very handy to our sink I m. Going to go ahead and open it up and give you guys an overview look at things it s not revolutionary I know but it has made a huge difference so here in the.

Front you can see I have our washcloth and in the back I have our drawing towels and off to the side I just have one hand towel so we re going to start. Things off I ll give you a count here I believe there are seven washcloths was still room for about two or three more and then back here I counted prior to. Filming I have eight and drying towels and then like I said the one hand towel so I m going to give you guys a very quick tutorial on how I have folded our. Lines so I ve laid a washcloth flap you guys to see now I don t find that washcloths are hard to fold where I do find that the drawing towels do take a. Little bit of time to play around and find what Murray calls the sweet spot where the item just kind of naturally stands on its own so I ll show you how I.

Simply fold the hint or the washcloth rather just kind of in half here from the bottom up and then just kind of quickly bring it. Over to the other side and then once over again I know that this is a very basic tutorial but it s not all that complicated and then especially when you. Have others lined up they naturally kind of hold their place when you tuck them in alongside others so that s really it for the washcloth now like I said when. It comes to the drawing towels it does take a little bit more time in terms of playing around to find what works some tend to be longer while others tend to. Be wider it just all kind of varies or at least in my experience so laying it flat just kind of give you a brief look at things Oh Marie is up to.

Something behind me all right this is a little bit tricky to do with one hand I didn t really factor this in and I don t have my tripod handy so there with me. Guys okay so like you saw I just folded it in half here and then once again bringing one side to the other and then if I were to do it like this obviously. It s a little bit too wide so then this is where you kind of have to play around with things and figure out how it s going to work best. So folding it just kind of into the middle this way and then over again gives me the perfect spot so we re perfect size rather and then. Just kind of tuck it in and then when it comes to the drawer it s off you do kind of have to play around with size because I have found at least in my experience.

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