Shower Columns

By Subhan SharpWith Home

Begin by removing your existing shower head from the wall you. Take the included brass extender joint threaded nipple fitting and use teflon tape on each end of the threads screw the fitting into your showerhead. Outlet and tighten with pliers use a cloth to prevent marring the surface find the centerline of the showerhead and mark the location of the mounting. Bracket note that this sets the desired height of the shower panel attach a piece of tape over the location and Mark the location of the screws making sure.

It is level drill holes to prepare for installation remove the tape from the wall and insert wall anchors. Secure the mounting bracket to the wall with the included hardware and check if it is level repeat this process for the bottom. Mounting bracket take the included base plate cover and peel off the adhesive backing press firmly onto the wall note the location must be cleaned before. Adhering to the wall join the elbow connector and main PVC pipe assembly to the brass extender joint tighten firmly install the showerhead connector cover. Hook the main shower panel body onto the wall and test all functions your installation is complete..

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