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By Abdallah BenitezShower Faucet

Around on the other side here in a few minutes so I kind of got that already I made these connections here with the pecs depending on your type of pecs you. Might have a different connection for this type that s the parole wears bow type connections we do have a article showing how to do that as well so we ll. Try to put all the links maybe for those articles in the description here so I ve skipped ahead a bunch of these steps just so that this article isn t a mile. Long since we have this other information in other articles okay so let s let s talk about the valve and putting the push connect fittings on it. So like I had mentioned there are 90 degree fittings so if I didn t have this 2 by 6 completely in the way I most likely could have just had one of these.

Here and just get around the hole and shed out at the bottom don t don t run it all the way around I would just come down at least a little past halfway. I m just getting some grow it off there and then any water that gets behind there I ll just follow that around and run right out at the bottom so this one. This one s got actually a pretty major seal in itself and getting these long screws lined up sometimes can be half the battle so anyways get your trim on. Your ring on there slide this on try to get your spur started so I haven t seen any that or any ever any more than two screws to hold this cover on you just. Want to suck it back so it matches up to the tile someone s kind of flexible so it s not gonna sit right perfectly flat but a big rubber seal in there I m.

This instead of cutting it because what I want to do is melt this out with the torch and pull this valve right off because this one connection is the only. Thing holding the shower valve together and the reason I m doing that is because when I put the new shower valve in just my own way of doing this is I always. Hang the I always put this connection in first on the new shower valve and starter it in and that sort of acts as a base to build on everything else and you. Know the only trick is you have to make sure it s centered left to right and up and down and the hole we created otherwise the fascia won t. Cover the hole you made so that s that s very critical that you d be centered left to right and up and down and then you know so we may have to trim this a.

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