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Modern Designer Tap And Shower In Bathroom Closeup Of Chrome Faucet The Covered Decorative Ceramic Mixer Cold Water Ml

Shower Faucet

By Abdallah BenitezWith Home

Cut away for a few days and come back and show you how to do this okay so tiling is all done here now and we can put on all the trim accessories and. Finish off the shower faucet so start out with you ve got your your valve area there some of the parts might be a little different but. Most of them for single lever fa...

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Old Bath Tub Faucet Is Turned On With Water Flowing Footage Prevstill Eg

Tub Faucet

By Ashlyn SheaWith Home

Time and figure that all out so that you don t get this too far in the wall it s not a huge deal if it s too far out but it does look a little funny so so you. Need to figure that all out and get some kind of a board in there for a backer so that when you mount this valve I m just gonna pull this off see it s easier ...

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