Kids Lighting

By Amin NicholsWith Home

Welcome to kids academy all yeah I know it s up here somewhere you for the light on ah that s better. Here it is it s much easier to find things on the lights on what is light that s a really good question what is light light is made up of waves these. Waves travel from light sources bounce off of objects and come to our eyes allowing us to see things light sources come in all shapes and sizes little. Lights like this one help light up streets big lights help light up stadiums some lights help light up screens light like this comes from a.

Flame sources of light are all around us very rarely do we find ourselves in a completely dark situation me being outside right now my main source of. Light is the Sun so let s go ahead and see what happens if I turn that off even without the sunlight you can probably still see me. There are a lot of other sources of light besides the Sun light we have electric lights like lights in your house your tap on your tablet or your. Computer and those light up things at nighttime so let s go ahead and shut those off now now you stay still may be able to dim Li. See me but most of our light sources have been turned off but as we know when we go for a walk at night there s one more big source of light and that s the.

Moon the lumen actually reflects the sunlight onto us so let s go ahead and turn that off now now there s one last source of light and those are the stars. So let s see if we turn those off now I ve turned off all the sources of light it should be completely black black is the absolute absence of light if there s. No sources of light you re not going to be able to see anything let s go ahead and turn all those back on hey welcome back now the lights back on it can come. Down from the Sun bounced off me and be collected by the camera that s how we see things light comes from a light source that source could be the Sun a. Lamp or even a fire it travels in waves from the source try to lift badges off an object when that light meets our eye it allows us to see things if there is.

No source of light we see black that s pretty neat okay bawling we got our game we got our light source now let s play. We ll see you folks next time bye everyone you know first subscribe to our website to stay updated on new articles find links. To our apps in the comments below..

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