Novelty Lighting

By Cinar ParryWith Home

This is John Young with weekend handyman we are the gie show looking at all the cool stuff well that brought me over to. The novelty delights booth here and I ve got tres tres nice to meet you here one of the things a lot of us like to do is you like to decorate the Hollis is that. Time of the year we want to put lights out and he ll EDD of courses to suit you seem to be the guy when it comes to LED lighting tell us about this we have an. Assortment life lotta lights are doing on your roof all your streetlights here multitudes and powers everybody likes.

Colors especially we still carry your traditional a couple of craft ideas ticking lights and jars and glass blocks. Yeah back here with Joe these are all are screwing light bulbs so you re not we got whole variety of. Different ball sizes from the minute pages to get minis we ve got any likes yeah incandescent everything appears all matter. He s a plug-in type lie this year the battery-operated sphere nice very nice as built-in timer on it. So it ll go off for six hours very nice this is kind of cool zoom Delhi this is our LED and we re looking at.

A swim similar websites employees here just that there s a ton of yeah tons of breaks the position paint the ball. Yeah always going to be desperate and I scratch it is this if it s left out for long enough it becomes white. Nice if people want to find out more information of bollocks about the lady we re gonna go go go turn off until x-com whatever Tracy thank you very much. Chef this is John Young with the weekend handyman..

The articles on this website are a bit of a mix they re all themed around consumer technology but we ve got old retro tech. More modern devices things that are so expensive that you might not want to buy them and then other items that you might want to buy but they re so rare you d. Have trouble finding one on this occasion it s a cheap piece of fat that anyone could pick up if they wanted to but whether you want to add art is. Something the enlight decide after reading this article now whilst mine came from ebay this does strike me as the kind of thing that you might see on one.

Of those pop-up stalls the stands that you get inside shopping centers where one month it s selling loom bands and exits a head massager or whatever the. Flavor of the month is perhaps they re selling these at the moment for all I know I haven t been out to a shopping center for quite a while but this is the. Main part this is the acrylic piece which is etched with a pattern on one side and it needs to be illuminated from below by the other piece there all you. Have to do is slot one into the other and plug it into a five volt USB power socket so this is the base you can see the slot for the panel oh I ve got a. Switch on the front here which is a touch sensitive switch looking around it s just a piece of black plastic it s got a USB socket on the back oh USB.

novelty lighting