Novelty Lighting

By Cinar ParryNovelty Lighting

That s a little bit more familiar now the third design the r2d2 isn t perhaps as impressive a 3d effect as the other two because of the way that it s. Constructed is quite a notice of an interesting design but it doesn t have that kind of pop out 3d effect it s not to do with the way these things have. Been drawn of course if on eBay there s some examples of different 3d designs you can tell that some of them will work really well and. Then there s other ones where you look at the picture and you think hold on a minute out doesn t look 3d at all now maybe they re not trying to be 3d but. There s a couple of things to look out for I think look for ones with lots of lines on them for example this Yoda is very basic it s just looks like a piece.

Different designs of this available but there are also a lot of different designs of the base I ve seen and I m not sure if some of better quality than. Others I was a little bit concerned because this thing is being advertised as a child s bedroom lamp and you want to make sure something like that is safe. So I was happy to see it does run just on the 5 volts USB power supply and it didn t come with a power supply I would be very suspicious of any cheap plastic. A power supply that was supplied with one of these I would have throw that away and instead use a good quality one as long as you ve got a good quality USB. Power supply changing your wall power into 5 volts well this thing just then running on 5 volts you can go too far wrong with that I hope now I will put.

This is John Young with weekend handyman we are the gie show looking at all the cool stuff well that brought me over to. The novelty delights booth here and I ve got tres tres nice to meet you here one of the things a lot of us like to do is you like to decorate the Hollis is that. Time of the year we want to put lights out and he ll EDD of courses to suit you seem to be the guy when it comes to LED lighting tell us about this we have an. Assortment life lotta lights are doing on your roof all your streetlights here multitudes and powers everybody likes.

novelty lighting