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By Keelan RiosKitchen Tools

This article is brought to you by my supporters on Patreon. Hey guys. Salut, this is Alex So today I want to share with you something very personal. I decided that I wanted to share my EDCC My EveryDay Cooking Carry.

I mean obviously you make beef wellington every morning, right . Am I the only one doing this maybe but how would I do it without this you need twine I love this. Right so next a Thermometer. Oh more precisely a probe I m sure my grandma or my grandpa who both are chefs did not use. These guys have been cooking for like.

And post it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for a chance to win prizes every episode. It s a new kind of interactive cooking experience, one that I hope will help ratchet up your skills. Whether it s your first time in the kitchen or your fiftieth. I m very honored to be in your kitchen today and can t wait to start making some delicious meals with you. Now, let s get down to basics.

It s not going to be as durable or as long lasting as a forged, high-end blade like the Ikon,. But it s a great place to start. I also want to point out that I m not like a paid spokesperson, these are the tools that I use in my kitchen and that I wholeheartedly recommend to you. Next up, we have the pan that strikes fear into the hearts of many burgeoning young chefs . The stainless steel sauté pan.

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