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By Abdallah BenitezShower Faucet

Fittings in a 90 degree and came straight up into it with the pipe in this case I had this wood to work around so I kind of had to make it a little. Little differently with these 90s out here really doesn t matter whatever your situation is that s how you do it so these push connects the threaded. Fitting just works like any other any other fitting we want to wrap the teflon tape in the what would be the clockwise position or clockwise rotation and I. Personally like to do about 10 wraps a teflon tape some people say oh that s way too many but I don t have failures if I go down that far so so I ll just. Get those roughly put on okay again going clockwise three four five six seven ten just get them on their finger tight that s where you re gonna need the.

In the wall in this case we re using pecs I recommend that you purchase these push-fit type fittings to go on the. Valve itself so there s there s all kinds of different name brands but basically they re a push connect fitting so it s threaded on one end in this case. It s a female thread going on two male threads of the valve the odd time they are opposite this might be female and you ll need a male so you kind of gotta. Open your box and check out the valve first so it s threaded on one end to fit the valve and it s a push fit fitting on the other end. Fit the PEX piping okay now you can get those in streets just like this is or they come in 90-degree bends as well I don t have one here to show you but it s.

Total, total garbage, thecheapest of the cheap. But anyway, so in this case here,. What we re going to do is just put our brand new trim kit in. So we re gonna go and see, sometimes your Home Depot and your Lowe s. Doesn t have these older things.

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