Stair Runners

By Shahzaib DonaldWith Home

Good morning guys we have a project going on here at our house and the noise that you hear in the. Background is actually my washing machine it s draining out right now which is right in the other room but we are attempting to do a stair runner a. DIY stair runner on our stairs here in our four-year here are the stairs right now when we first moved in these had carpet on them they were in really bad. Shape we actually stained them ourself and pulled out the old stair um the carpet that was on them um but they we ve been.

In the house now for four years or going on four years and we have really wanted to put like a carpet runner back on these stairs because number one the. Stairs are cold and number two they re slippery so we want to try to do a stair runner on the cheap so what we did was we bought these like little runners from. Our Ollie s which always is kind of like a discount store they have a lot of like home stuff there but you could do like ocean State job. Lot you can find this a lot of different places these ones that we happen to find were I think they re like a 5 foot like runner and each one of them was $12.99. And so we ve wrapped all of them that they had we didn t know how many would we would need I think we ended up grasping like six or eight of them but.

We re gonna try to make these into a stair runner now they were the perfect width of hours for our stairs we wanted to be able to see a little bit of the. Hardwood on the edges although you can see we need to like touch up some spots where we ve just worn the the stain down since we actually redid them now we. Did our floors our main floors completely we put in all new hardwood floors on these floors down here but these floors going up the stairs and up. To our second floor we just rescinded and stained what was already there so probably gonna have to touch these up a little bit because you can see like the. Stain has just worn off we did the gel stain the same that we did here on our railing and we re probably gonna need to do another coat of gel stain on the.

Railing as well now I like the gel stain because it s super fast and it covers really good however you re probably going to want to do multiple coats of it. We actually did two coats and again we did this like three to four years ago so I definitely think they need a touch-up just from normal everyday wear so that s. Our plan we re gonna do that we re gonna attempt to put these little runners in we just have a basic like air air compressor stapler to put these in we re. Gonna just cut them to fit we re actually not gonna do the landing up top here we re gonna leave the landing the hardwood and then just do the stair. Runners from here down and then from the and then from the top stair down to the landing so that is our tool and this up top before the coop yeah well throw one.

Here and throw one underneath I don t know underneath probably so we re adding the first runner to the stairs just to see how it looks and I. Think it s gonna look really good we re just trying to pull it tight and smooth it out and this is the what does this call John yes yeah no this this is. Us air stapler and we got it from Harbor Freight you re like was like 50 bucks yeah pretty inexpensive and then I ll show you we have a compressor right here. That we re using for it and these are the staples that we re using the narrow ground staples so yeah this is the air nailer it s a 2-1 Watson. A learn stapler and so all in all the project is gonna be a lot cheaper than it would have been if we paid somebody to come and do this all right little.

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