Towel Bars

By Sofija RowleyWith Home

If you re a home owner, you will need to installa towel bar at one time or another. And in this article, I just remodeled a masterbathroom and needed new towel bars to match the rest of my plumbing fixtures. So follow along with me as I install 2 towelbars on a fresh wall. I ve already started marking my wall withpainters tape but what I did was measure up from the floor to the height of where I wantedthe bars to be placed.

I m going to check to see if there are anystuds where I m going to put my screws. I measured out the distance where I wantedthe left side of the towel bar to end and marked with more tape here. The intersection of the two tape pieces iswhere I m going to drill the first hole. This is where the wall anchor will go becausethere is no stud right here. Sometimes I use my own wall anchors but theones included with the package will work great.

Slide this into the hole and tap them flushwith the wall. Now I m going to measure the length of thetowel bar from the center screw. These are 24 inch bars and I see that it isexactly 24 inches between the screws. On the wall, I will double check that my markon the right is the same height as the left. Then from the center of the first anchor,I will measure 24 inches to the right and mark that position.

I like to keep checking my marks so with alevel I ll verify that the holes are level. And it looks like it definitely is. So now I ll check for studs on this side beforedrilling. Looks like there is a stud here. I ll drill a hole with a drill bit that isthe size of the screw that will go here.

towel bars