Body Sprays

By Kylo SantosWith Home

Hello guys welcome back to another article today I am going to be filming the most article to this day on my website and it. Is my mini body spray collection now I know a lot of you girls are girls on a budget myself included because I feel like a good fragrance does not need to. Be $200 I have a little drawer next to my van V that I store all of my body sprays in that I wear currently and I do wear quite a bit they are the perfect. Summer scents make sure you get your pen and pad because you guys are gonna need to write these down so you can go to Victoria s Secret and go pick some of.

These up I think that they re still having their semi-annual sale right now so you guys can totally go there right now and I think they re like 399 right. Now before getting started into the article please subscribe down below if you guys like these kinds of articles from me and please give this article a big thumbs. Up and if you guys aren t already make sure that you follow me on Instagram I ll put it right here on the screen I always let you guys know what kind of. Articles I am going to be filming so make sure that you go follow me on there so you guys can stay tuned with me and yeah let s just get into the article so I m. Gonna show you guys my very first most worn fragrance that I love so this is super old I m sure you guys can buy it on like eBay or something but this is a.

Victoria s Secret beauty rush I don t know what that means honeydew double body mist I ve actually owned about four bottles of these but. They had their semi-annual sale back when I was in the eighth grade I bought every single one that they had on the shelf and there was like four this smell. He s absolutely beautiful I have worn this smell so many times on dates in the past or with with my girlfriends and they always ask currants it s literally. Just Victoria s Secret honeydew so if you guys like really sweet smells that will attract all the bugs this is the one another old smell that I have but. I m pretty sure they might still have a dupe of this at the pink store so you know they have Victoria s Secret and they have pink this came from the pink.

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