Kids Lighting

By Amin NicholsKids Lighting

Around what s the number - 9 1 1 e would you talk about whoo hold up oh you scared the Lightning. Scaredy-pants when you can tonight I m here you re gonna fall who d you drop the ball okay..

Strong that is I m making the double-a batteries inside your remote control now imagine if there were over 625 million of them Wow. Remind me not to get shocked by you but now for the million dollar question how is lightning formed well a lot of how lightning is fooled starts with a cloud. If you haven t already click the link above to check out the cloud article you made the see our cloud is formed anyway after a cloud forms the warm air. Continues to rise and the crowd gets bigger and bigger in the tops of the clouds the temperatures below freezing and the water vapor kinda dice now the. Cloud becomes a thundercloud inside the cloud lots of small bits of ice but then to each other they move around I m a smoke he s about you know.

Lightning is fast but storms like those caused a ton of damage actually pepper jack fungus guns can cause up to a billion dollars and damages each year. Take a look at some pictures of the damages caused by thunder and lightning Wow all that destruction and damage lightning bolts must be huge yeah you. Think so but a bolt of lightning is actually just want to do inches wide which is small when you think about it but the usually stretch to be about five. Mile or so above this sorry man but this show got me thinking I know TVs toasters and a bunch of other things that start with a t run off of. Electricity but how much electricity is in a lightning bolt each lightning bolt could reach up to about one and billion volts so bitch how.

kids lighting