Shower Panels

By Enid WattShower Panels

Gloves on and actually getting it over into the area where you re going to install it to make sure that everything fits okay make sure that the shower. Board panel goes nice and snugly into the bottom profile and stops nice and snuggly into the center profile as well follow that entire process with the. Other panel as well before we move on to the next stage absolutely lovely now that I know that it goes in okay very very easy very simple step before you do. Any growing or anything else make sure you take off the protective film do this as late in the job as you can cause then you know that it s as protected as it. Can be the whole time you re installing what I have to do is silicone just down through to this website here silicon into the bottom website here so now.

Well when we do that article in a couple of months time so there we go guys all done we ve got both these panels on we ve got a great seal down the middle. Here we ve got lovely seals on each side and two good profiles at the bottom so let s think about what are the main advantages of this particular system. Number one what I always say to my customers if they re thinking about doing a boarded system is obviously have lots and lots of tiles lots and lots of. Different joints possibilities that there could be a leak but these you ve only really got one two three possibilities of there being a leak also. They re very very quick to install you can get this whole system fully finished and done within a day when it comes to the profiles on the bottom I know that a.

On the other side and then repeat repeat the process just up this end for the other end shadow will actually do supply little miter box so you can get with the. Fitting kit to make this work but I ve got this old-school one here that I ve out the donkeys and I trust it not like I don t trust anyone elses 45 but I do. Trust mine it s just one of them things in it tiny little steady cuts I have to go mad at it just little movements go nice and easy put the few bits that. You ve cut off in the bin out of the way keep your workspace clean guys alright I like to get all my trims cut and installed before I actually cut my. Boards now it says on the instructions cut your boards first but I like to know what my trims are gonna go because otherwise I won t know exactly how big I.

One is a common dream between between two panels then you ve got another one that is like end panel trim and it goes at the end of the panel like this and. All of the the bottom panel which is the color of the tray so it s white you glue it to the tray and to the walls and the panel goes like so on top. This is tongue and groove system so to join two boards together you need to put some silicone in between them and then slide one into another so there s like. Little gap in between so for cutting the panels I m using a Stanley knife just make sure it s sharp measure it properly and start capping. There s a glow for you the power of the water actually for this bathroom I used for balls also the opposite one I ll put a.

Use a tape measure whichever you prefer once you ve done that you should have something that looks a little bit like this now all we need to do is notch out. The bottom profiles to take our side profiles in now guys I like taking tongue out of stuff that I have a bit of fun I ll be doing this simply because it. Is a bit of a laugh the next thing you ll do is just get out some of your side profile and this is a point at which you d be like right I know where I. Want to end up so what I m going to do is I ll just pop my profile in just like this they were gonna make a mark on here and I m just gonna notch out the back of. That as well it s just do a Batman style zoom in once you ve got those notches cut you re ready to move on to the next stage let me just have a little lay down.

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