Kids Lighting

By Amin NicholsKids Lighting

Strong that is I m making the double-a batteries inside your remote control now imagine if there were over 625 million of them Wow. Remind me not to get shocked by you but now for the million dollar question how is lightning formed well a lot of how lightning is fooled starts with a cloud. If you haven t already click the link above to check out the cloud article you made the see our cloud is formed anyway after a cloud forms the warm air. Continues to rise and the crowd gets bigger and bigger in the tops of the clouds the temperatures below freezing and the water vapor kinda dice now the. Cloud becomes a thundercloud inside the cloud lots of small bits of ice but then to each other they move around I m a smoke he s about you know.

Welcome to kids academy all yeah I know it s up here somewhere you for the light on ah that s better. Here it is it s much easier to find things on the lights on what is light that s a really good question what is light light is made up of waves these. Waves travel from light sources bounce off of objects and come to our eyes allowing us to see things light sources come in all shapes and sizes little. Lights like this one help light up streets big lights help light up stadiums some lights help light up screens light like this comes from a.

Around what s the number - 9 1 1 e would you talk about whoo hold up oh you scared the Lightning. Scaredy-pants when you can tonight I m here you re gonna fall who d you drop the ball okay..

Come on you big sis they put on a poem on I don t know man who are you scared mister lightning you girl oh hey buddy any of you think ice. Superpowers here read this see I m like that really fast superhero Kung Fu Panda yes exactly hey thunderlips do me a favor give me. Another one of those lightning bolts man and want more superpowers see buddy I don t know if there s a good idea MA do it. Oh you go kind of remote till I m stuffing to fall down from your eyes and the cuts on your eyes is all we ask is your skill the pants your pants are. Scaled like you leave you now hey Roberta what s the number for 911 109 why Roberta this is no time to fool.

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