Towel Bars

By Sofija RowleyTowel Bars

Use a stud finder to find that kind of thing out just do a little bit of thinking if you re anywhere in a wall that might have some plumbing in it or. That sort of thing just so you re not drilling a hole in a pipe and if you are gonna drill a hole through the drywall and you re not really sure just go nice. And easy so you don t puncture right into a pipe if it happens you re eight they re generally speaking they should be away and not raid against. The back of the drywall as a rule but I m not going to tell you that that s gonna happen every time so just drill carefully so you don t drill into. Something in the back okay so there s one bowl another one over here okay and we ll get our brackets set up with the little butterfly anchors on the.

And most likely, the electrical box is going to be mounted to a stud. Takeyour stud finder, place it on the wall, and sure enough right here is where the stud islocated. So we re going to start here, and we re going to work our way over and tryto find the next one. Now here s the deal with this old bathroom.This wall is so wonky that the studs are not facing like they typically would in a newhome. So the stud is a 2 x 4 , but really it s 3 x 1 .

It in here so you use the bracket which comes with the towel bar and these bolts which you ll have to purchase on your own most and will come with this you. Drill a big enough hole in the right position stick this through the drywall these little things open up and then when you tighten the bolt these tighten. Up back against the drywall it makes it really solid it s a lot better than those little plastic anchors or most of the other fasteners this this will make. The towel bar good and solid and I only use the center hole most of the other times with other anchors you re going to use two two holes but I just use the. Center hole I put a little dab of construction adhesive on the back too you re going to see all that so start out with obviously you choose your.

So you just. Take an Allen Wrench, you loosen the set screw,and you pull the mounting bracket out from the towel bar. So these are pretty great becausethey have four different screw holes in them. So what I m going to actually do is centerthis using the top screw hole. This mark on the wall here represents wherethis bracket needs to go.

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