Towel Bars

By Sofija RowleyTowel Bars

Hi I m Shannon from host improvements calm in this today s article I m going to show you how to hang a towel bar just a. Standard towel bar like most people have in their their own home into a drywall wall and in this case there s no studs that we re gonna hit sometimes you might. Be able to hit one stud on that on one bracket or whatever but in this case we re between studs so we re going to use a method that I like to use which is. Using one of these little butterfly toggle bolts so basically what happens is once we get it all marked out we use this bolt system I ll just give us twist.

It shows you exactly whatyou need to do on day one through ten of a bathroom makeover so you stay on track andalso stay on budget because we have budget worksheets within that guide, and they rereally, really helpful. So I encourage you to check that out over on HomeRepairTutor m.That s it for today. Let me know what your. Questions are down in the comments. I dbe more than happy to help you out.

It in here so you use the bracket which comes with the towel bar and these bolts which you ll have to purchase on your own most and will come with this you. Drill a big enough hole in the right position stick this through the drywall these little things open up and then when you tighten the bolt these tighten. Up back against the drywall it makes it really solid it s a lot better than those little plastic anchors or most of the other fasteners this this will make. The towel bar good and solid and I only use the center hole most of the other times with other anchors you re going to use two two holes but I just use the. Center hole I put a little dab of construction adhesive on the back too you re going to see all that so start out with obviously you choose your.

They re called the Green Tea Towel Bars. We ll showyou the installation, and I ll give you those tips right now.Here s my number one tip for you when it. Comes to mounting towel bars and toilet paperholders to drywall or plaster Find a stud. Or if you have the wall open, add wood blockingin the stud wall where you want the towel bar or the toilet paper holder to go.So one of the best places to start on a wall where you re going to put your towel bar,if you have a GFCI, is to start right there. So in a bathroom, you should have a GFCI onthe wall.

That s right there so with these anchors that I ve got I need to drill a half-inch hole I know that seems a little extreme but you know. You ve got to be able to get that little spring-loaded clip back in there so I m gonna drill a half-inch hole now you re drilling into a wall. Do a little thinking ahead of time make sure you re not going to drill into a pipe Electrical that sort of thing I know you can t always tell that I should. Mention that I use the stud finder just to see where my studs are and I know I m not going to hit one I ve actually got a pipe right here if there s a pipe but. There s no stud in this location the studs actually right over here somewhere right there and my other studs somewhere here in the middle so anyways you can.

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