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By Ashlyn SheaTub Faucet

If you know something I did wrong I really urge you to give me a comment and if you re reading this article to learn how to do it make sure you read the. Narrative because I had everything that I learned as time goes on but again I heard you if you don t think you know what you re doing you re gonna get water. In your wall skip it just call the plumber it s cheaper than wrecking your house all right that s it from rusty life if you. Like this subscribe and read the others hey and I got some cool pet articles got a new kitten that was here to help me when you re working with let s go find him. You..

That old tubs phone need replacement while you re reading their eight article I ll show you how to replace this thing. Hello YouTube will onehans I bet you re reading this article because you re gonna change your Tubbs bump yes we re not doing this just for fun all right you re. Here because your tub spout has failed and you need to change yours I ll show you how very quickly okay so you ve determined that the tub. Spouts no longer diverts water up to your showerhead and so you need to replace it well there s three kinds that I ve heard.

Make a big difference but so make sure you don t have any crud in the way up there and put seven or eight or so wraps of teflon tape around the threads there. And put the tape on so that so when I m putting the tape on I m holding this in my left hand and I d have the tape here and I d be wrapping clockwise as as the. Cameras looking at that so that when I m threading this into the hole it s helping snug that tape around the the pipe itself if I had it on the other way. And I m starting to turn this into the fitting on the wall it s wanting to kind of unravel the tape so okay so get it started in there. Probably overdo it that s probably gonna be enough I don t think I can no I can t get another turn out of that song should be good there and you ve got you ll have.

It s really down low here it s a real pain in the butt to get your head down there and see what you re doing and operate the ranch and everything else so. I like to keep it up just a little bit higher gives you a little more room to work down there I mean I wouldn t put it up here or anything but within six or. Eight inches I like to have it from the tub edge okay so I ve kind of gone ahead and prepped a few things here but I am gonna discuss. Them so that we all get on the same page one of the main things you need to do is decide on what your wall is going to be comprised of here you know is this just. Going to be a fiberglass wall tub surround or is it going to be you know half-inch drywall or hardy board or kerdi-board or something with tile on.

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