Shower Panels

By Enid WattShower Panels

Up and move it to where I want it to be another quick tip as well is just to get the sword that you re going to use if you ve got a big off cut the area that. You know you re not gonna be needing just run your saw just onto that bit and just see what sort of chipping you get just to make sure you get a nice step. When it comes to a circular saw you tend to get less chipping the shallower the saw debt so look we re only going through something here that s what s 11. Or 12 mil thick we don t want this to be plunge down fifty mildewy because what that means is that so it s going to be coming up more an. Angle and is gonna pull the veneer off but there s more chance of that happening that s what we want to try and avoid and that s why I ve gonna set this.

This up so in a few seconds time when I click my fingers it should look a little bit like this there we go all done how about that all. We need to do and this is not the simple final section is get our bottom trims on at the bottom and that s just a nice bead of silicon in and then pushing in. Our cap sometimes in the corner you might need to Nick a little bit off of the my tub with a stanley knife and make that good and then all we need to do is. Put our end caps on and actually put our two little top beads for our expansion in at the top all the floor and ceiling products that I ve used in this article. Are from I D surfaces as well this is the white embedded high-gloss and also the lovely malmo and I m going to be putting that on my downstairs low as.

Center profile is metal so you are going to need to have a metal axle for this bit read out for these edges as well be obvious they re really sharp and file. Off any burrs should you need to and this is what I mean guys now that we ve got this in we know as per instructions how much of the back trim to cut out. Just like so and we ll do that on the other side as well coming in once you ve got both notches marked at the back just use something like a stanley knife blade. Making sure that you don t cut yourself to cut the back parts of the profiles off so once we ve got our mitre snug into that corner out there the way we. Can then just make a small mark as to where we re gonna cut this one here do the same at the other end you can either lay it out and Mark it like I am here or.

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