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Continuing the bar basic series today on chaser with an episode that s all about strainers how to use them what to look. For in a quality tool and how to improve a tool that maybe isn t really up to snuff I need to take a moment though just to say that this special series. We re doing on Bar basics is presented by article article produces mid-century modern style furniture for an affordable cost by cutting out showrooms and. Shipping direct to you and they ship almost everything for $49 a few things actually they ship for Less its 30-day money-back guarantee but I don t think.

You ll be making use of it I love everything I got from them anyway if you re interested in anything you see on the show furniture wise check out the. Link in the show description be a favour to me thank you guys anyway let s talk about stringers and there s basically three styles of strainers is a julep. Strainer a Hawthorne strainer and a tea strainer and also called a double strainer so the julep strainer is this guy it s basically a big spoon it s full. Of holes and is the formerly correct way to strain a stirred drink and why is that well it s third drink shouldn t have small bits of ice floating in it. And that is really what the strainers job is the strainers job this Hawthorne strainer or julep strainer is to separate the ice from the drink what to.

Look for in one well I look for a metal that doesn t tarnish so I prefer stainless steel the silver although silver or gold or whatever is going to. Look very nice a lot of the gold or copper ones are plated and plated somewhat thinly I find and then they wear and show they re under an. Underlying metal anyway in a perfect perfect perfect world everything would be seamless so this would not actually be this way it would be just one piece. That way there s you know no little creases that have to be cleaned that said this is a very nice very nice julep strainer if I different number of. Years it s taking a great tale of abuse getting kicked around in my bag and I have no need for another one or to replace it now one of the things about a.

Stirred drink is that you actually really want it to be pre-packed a nice because it s gotta have enough body to hold help you hold your spoon against. The glass wall so when you re using this bar spoon and the idea is that the bowl of the spoon is open to the inside of the glass and it rotates in such a way. That it s like yeah boy it s a nerdy things it rotates in a way that a tidally locked planet might wrote it rotate around the star so that the bowl. Is always open to the center of the glass so you just want to stir so that you are rotating around and always open to the central device I have seen. Descriptions of how to use this where it s like you know you claw it and you push forward and pull back and put forth and pull back and maybe that s I don t.