Stair Runners

By Shahzaib DonaldStair Runners

Going right back down the stairs so now that all of your prep work is done go ahead and remove all of the second layers of the double-sided carpet tape. Double check that your 4 inches is marked on the backer because this is the really important part make sure that it is aligned exactly in the center at the. Beginning you re going to avoid any mess-ups further down the stairs hold the stair mouth up off of the sticky tape until the corner where the tread. And the backing meet and just sort of jam that in there so that it s nice and tight to the back of the stairs and then pull it across the stair tread does that. Make sense nice and realistically it could probably hold the entire thing forever but the staple gun does ensure that it s not.

Bit sore but now the stairs are safe and nobody else is gonna fall down them nobody else is gonna fall down..

Didn t mention right at the beginning is the more you bang around on stairs the more likely they are to creak so when we were laying that gripper rod these are. Very solid two-inch treads and risers they re really really substantial so I wasn t too concerned about it but I did always careful when I was hammering and. I wasn t going you know crazy about it in newer build you might find that your stairs they re relying on glued as much as anything and and as soon as you start. Banging around on those joints on those treads of risers they can start detaching from each other and that s what starts the creaking and then you ve. Got a write nightmare because you need to get to the back of them really to work to sort that out so you could screw them I guess if you have to that would.

Railing as well now I like the gel stain because it s super fast and it covers really good however you re probably going to want to do multiple coats of it. We actually did two coats and again we did this like three to four years ago so I definitely think they need a touch-up just from normal everyday wear so that s. Our plan we re gonna do that we re gonna attempt to put these little runners in we just have a basic like air air compressor stapler to put these in we re. Gonna just cut them to fit we re actually not gonna do the landing up top here we re gonna leave the landing the hardwood and then just do the stair. Runners from here down and then from the and then from the top stair down to the landing so that is our tool and this up top before the coop yeah well throw one.

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