Shower Columns

By Subhan SharpShower Columns

That you don t put the teflon tape on correctly three wraps and tighten it so make sure you have two wrenches when you do that that s really helpful but it. Looks like it s watertight now I ve got my brackets in these ones are in that two by two for blocking and for these ones up here which is just in the shower. I use these hollow wall anchors to attach the back I only got this thing in let s see what this baby can do so this is the main. If you re there Fahrenheit thank you right now the middle control here so we. Turn it one knob I know that to be prayer for the thing my.

The next set in here the Nexus but that so shower. Neck we have the two lower learn the fun yet right Fred. They see uh Purdue and after you hi actually get all enjoyed of what. He has this all of what lower what range counter or the handheld or the tub. That s..

Begin by removing your existing shower head from the wall you. Take the included brass extender joint threaded nipple fitting and use teflon tape on each end of the threads screw the fitting into your showerhead. Outlet and tighten with pliers use a cloth to prevent marring the surface find the centerline of the showerhead and mark the location of the mounting. Bracket note that this sets the desired height of the shower panel attach a piece of tape over the location and Mark the location of the screws making sure.

Here then you re gonna slide the head in you re gonna run your hoses through no they ve got my two ends off here and here this is the top side of the shower. Panel chart hip this is gonna be your waterfall and it s gonna be your hero shower head then run these lines through here through here into here then one. More small thing before you start in hand you got to pull these two screws out because these screws will secure the head in right here okay and once you get. Your head in get your hoses through you get your electrical fed back down you re going to secure the two screws back here which hold the showerhead in place they. Need to follow your white hoses back figure out on this side and on this side which one is the showerhead and which one is the waterfall when I say that.

From the bottom all the way at the top we ve got 55 inches and to the bottom tab we ve got four and a quarter into this when you ve got 46 and a half. Next thing you wanna do is get your paddle built is get your two brackets in here I go sinner then they go two inches each way do it they re good on top new. Measure panelist 42 and a quarter from each then you cut your water lines and you ll put a 90 own stuff down 90 stuff down with mallet doctor but this get. Your gandhi s water lines turned out with Mel adapters on the end tough one five Copa and next is you ll need a helper to hang the panel once you get. Your helper do this your hanger and there you go I m a beautiful panel all right now I m gonna give you the rundown of the LOM a little shower shower panel.

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