Shower Panels

By Enid WattWith Home

Hi guys james here from coma parts doctor at UK today i m going to review an install shower wall which is a shower. Board which you can install on veneered would like this you can even install on old tiles which is why i ve got the two top support behind this you can install. This on any substrate that you re happy to install it on because it glues up to the wall we re also gonna have a look at the profiles that we can install to make. The ends good to make the internal corners safe and watertight and also the profiles on the bottom and how they make it watertight so hopefully it will start.

Off with everything looking like this and then we re gonna end up with a lovely bordered out shower room looking just like this there s also links to the. Tools that I use in this article in our Amazon shop I ll leave them below and please hit that subscribe button please like this article and please comment if. You need any more help as well and I ll see you in the article remember everyone the whole time let s get going so guys a couple of tips you don t usually get in. Articles about shower boards and that sort of thing number one when it gets delivered you re probably not going to be ready to install it straight away so. When you store it don t store it leaning up against a wall don t mean it end-to-end or anything like that lay it down like I am right now absolutely as.

Flat as possible secondly when it comes to opening this particular package don t use a stanley knife because if you do you might actually score the decorative. Side that you want to look absolutely beautiful instead to do a thing that I call Christmas present unwrapping so a bit. Like this there we go look at that and inside you ll find you can register the shower wall product and also oh my god we ve actually got the installation. Instructions ha guess what you re gonna do with these you re gonna read all the way through before you actually do that southern guys the first we want to do is. Actually get a shore seal bottom strips in now this is quite an easy sort of bit to do because what we need to do is really measure around the bottom corners.

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