Stair Runners

By Shahzaib DonaldStair Runners

Easier yeah some camera angles down here so you can see what I m doing it s it s not being straightforward I ve actually gone. Back up and relayed this runner once because it s just it s not very forgiving in that if you are a degree or so off on your angle or your top cut. Isn t perfectly square it can start to creep one way or the other and although I m using these pads just to make sure I ve got that space I could see it was. Going towards the wall and that I had to go back up and correct that and just keep an eye on that on the way down if you were using like a natural flooring. Or like sighs oh I imagine you could mold that a little bit more and tweak it on each set this is actually quite rigid it s such a thick carpet one thing I.

In today s article we re gonna be fitting this brand new carpet runner to these old Victorian sets. We go this is gonna be the first fun for me doing a runner I ve done a couple of small rooms in the house carpeting the. Rest of the bigger ones we ve left to the pro this look like a reasonable task to have a go up we ve got our runner which has been made up by stone gate. Carpet so I mentioned them in the last article they did a really good job so that s ready to go and they ve given us some excess in length so that there is.

There s kind of a close-up of that fabric or the material that we used really really loving it it came out so good. Very inexpensive I m gonna put a breakdown of all of the supplies and cost of everything in the description below but you can just see that it. Definitely definitely turned out really good now like I was mentioning before the only thing I m going to do let s go in with a little bit of the gel. Stain and touch up some spots that need to be retouched on the actual stare portion and I m going to just tape off the edges of the stair runner just to do. That I didn t want to do the whole tread because it would have been kind of like a waste of the gel stain so I will go ahead and do that at some point here but.

Mail it in you could have like to do for some kind of a landing here but we just cut it off the bottom the stairs call good the stapler is good but it. Ain t perfect so go back over any staples that didn t quite make it all the way through with a hammer then just repeat that whole. Process for every section of stairs that you have for this last section I decided to start the bottom and work my way up to the top. Worked out about the same mainly I just wanted that finished piece of carpet at the very bottom where people might actually notice it. We really only use three tools for this project a hammer a staple gun and a pair of scissors and the whole project was completed in just a couple hours in fact.

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