Shower Columns

By Subhan SharpShower Columns

All right so today we re gonna be putting in an lol sharp and again but imma try to record this differently so. Here s our water supplies here which will ninety out will adapt enough so years ago this is gonna go right there here all the tools you ll need to do. This this is the panel the box well I ll do is I ll set you up to where you can see you make it alright it s gonna get it all in box and she got so this is. Your shower this ll be your shower head and the rainfall then down here on the bottom you d have a tub spout for adjustable.

I unscrewed this and underneath that I found this underneath that I found this and then finally we have to take off this this thing around this copper pipe. Okay I ve finished cutting my access hole so you see I made a quite large because I want it big enough so I could get blocking up here on the make. Connection point and have easy access to these pipes and I cut it out with my multifunction tool I figure you re going to make a access oh yeah might as well. Make a big one to help support the shower I ve put in some 2x4 blocking back here which is it just attached onto the drywall so I have cut off the. Original valve here and I placed new brass fittings in here and my biggest problem was trying to get it so that these were watertight I had to make sure.

That you don t put the teflon tape on correctly three wraps and tighten it so make sure you have two wrenches when you do that that s really helpful but it. Looks like it s watertight now I ve got my brackets in these ones are in that two by two for blocking and for these ones up here which is just in the shower. I use these hollow wall anchors to attach the back I only got this thing in let s see what this baby can do so this is the main. If you re there Fahrenheit thank you right now the middle control here so we. Turn it one knob I know that to be prayer for the thing my.

It is level drill holes to prepare for installation remove the tape from the wall and insert wall anchors. Secure the mounting bracket to the wall with the included hardware and check if it is level repeat this process for the bottom. Mounting bracket take the included base plate cover and peel off the adhesive backing press firmly onto the wall note the location must be cleaned before. Adhering to the wall join the elbow connector and main PVC pipe assembly to the brass extender joint tighten firmly install the showerhead connector cover. Hook the main shower panel body onto the wall and test all functions your installation is complete..

shower columns