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By Martyn HuttonWith Home

Hello guys welcome back to new article today I am gonna talk about top 5 best king size bedroom sets let s get started. With the list starting at number 5 we have a roundel furniture bedroom set this king size bedroom set is this contemporary storage set with an. Espresso finish that provides you with sufficient space to store your items this bedroom set has a nice traditional and classic style which depicts an easy. And simple life despite not having any intricate details or exquisite decoration the curved line design of the set makes a pretty great impression the.

Set includes a king-sized storage bed set which has 6 storage draw earths for the rails and footboard two drawers and 2 open storage spaces for the headboard. The set also includes a dresser with a mirror and a drawers as well as two nightstands with three drawers the draw earths have a curved face and are fitted. With silver toned Hardware that gives the set of practical and classic look check out the description for more information about this product and. Latest price moving on at number four we have the tuscan colonial style eastern king-size bedroom set this colonial style bedroom set comes with gorgeous. Wood carvings in the dark pine glossy finish this unique style and finish of the bedroom set gives it a romantic tone and makes your room look lively.

Due to its dark pine finish the set can fit well with various styles the set is a standard six piece set and includes a chest a mirror a dresser two nightstands. And a bed frame the material used is veneer in solid wood and finally the set features a colonial-style dark pine finish the bed frame features. Traditional bed posts along with a curved headboard making the set look more versatile and stylish than most of the similar items present in the market. For around the same price at number three we have the Northville traditional style cherry finished king sized bedroom set another king size. Bedroom set on the list is this Northville cherry finished bedroom set just like all other six piece bedroom sets this set also includes a chest a.

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